Reasons for cabinet selection of rock slab

The advantages of slate
The hardness of the rock slab reaches Mohs 6-7, so it is not afraid of scratches because of its super hardness.
The raw material of the rock slab is high-purity granite, and it is difficult to leave scratches on the surface. The surface of the countertop is still as smooth as new after a long time.
And it's very easy to clean, just wipe off the stains with a rag.
It can withstand high temperatures of 1200°C, and the high-quality materials are not afraid of high temperatures and can withstand large temperature differences.
The hot pot that has just been cooked is placed directly on the countertop without fear of deformation or cracking of the countertop.
The water absorption rate of the slate is only 2/10,000, high density and zero penetration, and it can remain unchanged for a long time.
The difference between slate and quartz
Different ingredients
The main components of slate are natural stone powder, clay, etc. The main components of quartzite are natural time, resin and curing agent.
Different production environments
The rock slab is fired by a 15,000-ton press at temperatures above 1,200 degrees Celsius. Quartz stone is made by vacuum pressing with a press and then heating and curing.
Different appearance
Rock slab is mainly large size, usually 3-20mm thick. The texture is close to natural stone. Quartz stone is rich in appearance and color, but its texture is very different from natural stone, and its thickness is usually 8-30 mm.