High-grade Gold Water Stone Large Grain Penny Round Crystal Mosaic

Ideal choice for Jinshuishi round mosaic tiles Crystal mosaic tiles
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Ideal choice for Jinshuishi round mosaic tiles Crystal mosaic tiles are a bright and fresh modern wall tile choice. Uses include commercial or residential glass round tile kitchen backsplashes, white and brown glass tile backsplashes, glass mixed large and small penny round tiles for bathroom backsplashes, glass round bubble bathroom accent walls, glass round bathtub surrounds, Glossy white, brown and beige glass accent niches or border tiles.

1.Product Parameter


1) The glass mosaic has good stain resistance and slip resistance, and is easy to install.

2) Fading resistance, chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no fear of fading.

3) The texture of glass mosaic is natural, vivid and beautiful, and strong against pressure.

4) Full of artistic atmosphere, the bathroom looks beautiful and generous, personalized.

5) The water absorption rate is zero, and it is not easy to break in a humid place. The bathroom is very suitable.

3.Product Size

Therefore, glass mosaic is not only practical, but also can be used to decorate the kitchen and bathroom. If you wish, please contact us for more details. You can also check other different styles of the store.

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Q: Are you source factory?

Each category of Kingham's products has processing plants in Foshan or nearby, guaranteed quality , provided high-quality service , and the price is very reasonable.

Q: I don’t know how to design my room. Can you provide design services?

Providing design solutions for the whole house is exactly the service tenet of Kingham, Save you time and solving technical problems for customers.

Q: I also need other decorations for my bathroom or other room. I like products from China. Can you provide purchases?

We are happy provide you with procurement services, and will provide market research reports based on your selected products or provide you with the most cost-effective products for you to choose

Q: Can I understand the quality and material of the product more intuitively through the connection video?

It's also the method our advocate. Customers only need to make an appointment one day in advance, Kingham will arrange the video conference.

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