How to install kitchen cabinet?
The sintered stone kitchen cabinet is sterile and environmentally friendly, which can protect the health of your family. The perfect combination of space alumina and sintered stone enables flushing surface with water, easy to clean and maintain.
We adopt the fabricated and rapid installation. Take the customized parts to the customer's home to assembly, which saves time, effort, money and worry.

We produce rock slabs and components according to the measured kitchen dimensions and reserve positions for kitchen pipes and corners, so that the cabinet can be assembled without cutting on site, simple and convenient. Home owners themselves can do it with provided installation instructions.
The cabinet is made of space alumina and 12mm rock slab. The installation steps are as follows:
Apply special glue on the inner surface of one slab and paste the two slabs together.
Put the whole slab into the assembled one-third alumina structure.
Put the last part together and then complete the splicing of one of the cabinets.
Kingham continuously improves the level of automation, intelligence in the production and service. We also combine with years of accumulated experience in operation informatization and professional design team, then one key to complete the rendering drawing, quotation, order, logistics, installation of after-sales service. It truly achieves design to production to the installation of the closed-loop system, improving efficiency and ensuring product quality and effect of power terminal sales.
If you want to redecorate your kitchen, please feel free to contact us and we provide professional design service and product. Just tell us your needs.

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